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Bright Economic Future Doesn’t Mean Stocks Will Rise Forever

  The future of high tech three dimensional printing, biotech, etc. is really amazing; the outcome will be more good paying jobs for people to train users, train the trainers, manage users, and repurpose these tools into new unthought of services. Since tech businesses often degenerate into low margins and irrelevant products yet it increases GNP and it also increases employment in good paying jobs then tech will create more demand for human workers including liberal arts majors. For example internet based inbound content marketing  requires lots of traditional liberal arts skills rather than tech skills. In the old days a marketing campaign might spend a lot of advertising; by contrast modern marketing could be a content war where the

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High Unemployment: A New Explanation

The current post-2008 crash era of high, persistent long term unemployment maybe explained by the volatility of careers. If you think of a salaried career as like a business then imagine an era of rapid tech change where some business lines become rapidly obsolete forcing the owner to reinvent the business. When this happens to salaried or hourly wage earners they may have a harder time than a business owner to grasp the fact that fundamental changes have occurred that will force them to change careers. This phenomenon maybe intuitively understood by self-employed free lancers and commissioned sales people however many salaried people may think they have an occupation for life with no need to

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