Fee-only wealth advisory service is designed to offer wealth advisory services without commisssions.

Fee-only wealth advisory service involves integrated financial planning, which involves examining the relationship between tax planning, investment planning, estate planning, education planning, risk management, asset protection, and retirement cash flow planning. For example, a decision to sell a stock investment and buy bonds may trigger a tax consequence and in turn involves deciding for tax purposes should the new investment be placed in a taxable account or a tax deferred retirement account, also should a new replacement investment be established in a FLP as part of estate planning? Or should it be held inside of an irrevocable trust for benefit of heirs? Should the new investment be done by contributing funds to a 529 Plan which would use up the $14,000 annual tax-free gift tax limit?

The advantage of fee-only wealth advisory service is that it removes conflicts of interest because no sales of commissioned products by the advisor are allowed.

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Donald Martin is a NAPFA-Registered Fee-Only financial planner and investment advisor.