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People ask why not go direct to a mutual fund instead of using an independent investment advisor to get independent financial advice. The answer is that an independent investment advisor is more objective than the mutual fund about whether of not it is time to get out of a particular asset class. A mutual fund is not going to tell its customers “This asset class that we specialize in has now become a bad asset class, so we will close down the mutual fund”. So you need to ask an Independent Investment Advisor which asset classes are best, and also which mutual fund is the most skilled in handling a particular asset class. Picking the right asset class is the key to investment success. Mutual funds usually specialize in one asset class, so they have a vested ynterest in never telling customers that it is time to get out of a particular class. When you buy shares in a mutual fund you are just another anonymous “customer” of the mutual fund, not a “Client” who has a personalized relationship with his fiduciary advisor.

Remember: “The fastest way to make a small fortune is…with a large one” (due to reckless, naïve investing).

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