1. Was the 2009 crash simply a bad dream and not a valid reason for a crash?
  2. If the Fed successfully bailed out the economy since 2009 does that mean there is no risk for investors?
  3. Will the Federal Reserve reverse course and raise interest rates?
  4. If everything is too high priced then what should people do?
  5. Are stocks too high?
  6. Will the PE10 finally be confirmed with a crash?
  7. China: is it a huge bubble?
  8. What is the most dramatic (and risky) short term trading idea?
  9. How much will the dollar decline due to devaluation?
  10. Investing in gold after a huge run-up – is it a bubble?
  11. Bitcoin – is it a fraud?
  12. Inflation or deflation – which will occur and when?
  13. Renminbi upvaluation – when and how much?
  14. Have investors protected their portfolios from a new crash?
  15. The hidden risk that TIP’s won’t work as intended and hold their value during inflation
  16. The case for a 100% bond portfolio
  17. Active vs. passive investing: Is it possible for active managers to generate alpha?
  18. Hidden costs of ETF’s
  19. Was the May 6, 2010 flash crash caused by ETF’s?
  20. Why commodity ETP’s and inverse ETP’s are bad – you can lose even if your forecast for “spot” prices was correct

Donald Martin is a NAPFA-Registered Fee-Only financial planner and investment advisor.